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Participate in the co-op


A place for YOU!

Everybody is welcome, regardless of financial circumstances. Just pick the time slot that fits best for you.

  • If you can volunteer, please arrive at 10:00am to help unload and set up.

  • If you can donate $50, come at 12:00pm (Sponsors).

  • If you are short on time, come Grab n Go at any time between 12:00-3:30pm and choose any number of items for only $2 per item (before 2:00pm) or $1 per item (after 2:00pm). 

  • If you can donate just a couple of dollars, or are unable to donate at all due to financial hardship, come at 3:30pm (Gleaners).

  • If you have livestock to feed or gardens to mulch, come at 4:00pm to get the leftovers.


If it's your first time OR you bring another first-timer, you donate only $30.

$50 donation for people who not bring/refer/recruit/deliver a first-timer.

Cashapp $PamTheFreegan or Venmo @PamTheFreegan.


When making your donation, please include a comment to specify:


1) First name and last initial of person for whom you are donating, and


2) Date for which you are donating. 

If you do NOT specify any date, then the date defaults to the next Saturday on the calendar.


3) Optional -- First name and last initial of first-timer that you are introducing to FreeFoodCommune.



You make a $30 donation with the comment “Joe S 3/21, bringing new person Margaret R” 

And Margaret puts this comment w her $30 donation:

“Margaret R 3/21, new person with Joe S ”

Donations are non-transferable* and non-refundable; thus, you should submit your donation for a given Saturday only at that point in time when you know for sure that you will be able to attend that particular date.

Or just wait and bring cash day-of. Bills only please, no coins.

Bills accepted: $20s, $10s, $5s.

No large bills; no $100s, No $50s.

No small bills; no $1s.

Line order is determined by time of donation.

*Donations are NOT transferable to another DATE, but ARE transferable to another PERSON. If you are unable to make it to get food on the particular Saturday that you had specified on your donation, then please just find somebody to take your place. Just tell that person to tell us when they are checking in that Saturday that they are substituting for you. Be telling and bringing others regardless, please; the more people that show up on Saturdays to get food, the more food gets rescued in Atlanta!

12:30 - 3:30 
Grab n Go


Drop by and choose any number of items. 12:30-2:00pm is $2/item, 2:00-3:30pm is $1/item. 

3:30 - 4:00 


If you can donate just a couple dollars, or are unable to donate at all due to financial hardship, come get food during this time.

4:00 - 4:30



If you have livestock to feed or you want to add compost to your garden beds or planting fields, come at 4:00 to get the leftovers.

What To Bring

Bring 1-5 sturdy plastic tote bins (18-gallon or smaller) into which to put your food selections. No lids needed. Load 'em up! We do always have boxes on hand for you to use if you don't bring enough bins.

What's the difference between Sponsors and

Grab n Go?

Grab n Go is a LONGER window and a SHORTER shopping experience than Sponsors.
Same food items duplicated in both sections, but different format:
Grab N Go - Show up any time 12:00-3:30 to get food from our outdoor Grab n Go section. You donate $1 per item AFTER selecting your food items.  
Sponsors - Show up at 12:00 to get food from our indoor Sponsors section. You donate a $30 "cover charge" BEFORE beginning Round #1, in order to select items in both rounds.  ($50 "cover charge" if you do not bring anybody new with you that week)